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Mi-Isla Coquito is a rich blend of flavorful coconut based Puerto Rican, eggnog, minus the eggs.

Our coquito is made with the best quality ingredients & available in ten distintively wonderful flavors. Coquito is traditionally served during the holidays yet, craved by many all year long. Now with Mi-isla Coquito made to order service you can have coquito anytime of year. We bring you the great traditional taste with the ultimate modern twist. So our question to you is........ are you feeling Mi-isla Coquito bold today? 


Our Flavors : 


Traditional , Cookies and Cream Gingerbread Cookie, Strawberry-Love, made with fresh strawberries and a few extra secrets, Chocolate- Covered Strawberry,  is a mixture of our chocolate & strawberry flavor. Red Velvet is made with real red velvet cake and other secrets. Kiss of Chocolate , is a blend of five different types of cocoa complementing each other without over powering the traditional coquito flavor. Last but not least, we have the latest additions in our Mi-isla coquito, family. Creamy Pumpkin Pie, married into our unique coconut base, Caramel Apple Pie, sweet apples, rich caramel, and nutmeg all in the comfort of a bottle, and lastly Blu-quito, is a tropical blend of our base meets a blue Hawiian, if you are a pineapple & coconut lover this flavor is for you. Ask about the availability of our *11th seasonal flavor Mangito it is a coco-mango dream come true. 



 * We also offer non- alcoholic versions of the above flavors as well, as a lite healthier version of our Traditional and, strawberry flavor





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