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Let's Talk Coquito.

MI-Isla Coquito 

Delivery Based Service 

We apologize in advance. We are no longer participating in Manhattan deliveries. 


(Brooklyn deliveries resume at the location listed below. )


Pickup/ delivery location:

566 Lorimer Street. 11211 in Williamsburg Brooklyn, located directly above the L train, in front of the Bagel Smith entrance at 566 Lorimer St. is the current Pick up/ delivery Location. ( 7 minutes away from Union Sq.)


Pick up location may vary based on quantity. 


Hours of delivery are usually after 6:30 pm, and, before 8:00 pm, on days arranged in advance.

*Weekend hours must be arranged in advance and vary. 


Orders must be placed 2-3 days in advance. Each bottle is made to order fresh. **Large holiday orders of 4 or more bottles should be placed within a weeks notice to actual delivery date. 


Place order in the box as detailed as possible, and we will respond as soon as possible.  **Must be 21 & older to order with valid ID.

Your details were sent successfully!

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